Artist: Charles Hodge Mackie

Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:

Worked in Kirkcudbright, painted murals for Ramsay Gardens at Castle Cottage, Gatehouse. During the period 1892 to 1894 Mackie and his wife had extended visits to France but it seems Gatehouse was their base between their 1892 trip to Paris and after their 1894 trip


Began medical studies at Edinburgh University before entering the Trustees Academy and then attended the Royal Scottish Academy Life Class

Professional Bodies:

RSW, 1901 ARSA,1902 RSA,1917. First President of the Socieaty of Scottish Artists, 1900

Exhibited At:

Royal Academy; Royal Scottish Academy; Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours; Royal Hibernian Academy; Royal Institute; Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts


Friendly with Hornel and other Glasgow Boys as well as artists of Brittany and Patrick Geddes. Travelled to Venice with Adam Bruce Thomson, Harold and Laura Knight


Bourne Fine Art, Charles Hodge Mackie (exhibition catalogue). Kirkcudbright: one hundred years of an artists’ colony, Patrick Bourne, Atelier Books, Edinburgh, 2000.


Image, portrait of Charles Hodge Mackie, RSA, RSW by Sir James Lawton Wingate, PPRSA, HRA.  Oil on canvas 32 by 25 cm.  The portrait was exhibited at the memorial exhibition of works by C H Mackie in the gallery of Doig, Wilson and Wheatley, Edinburgh, March 1921.  Image kindly supplied by the artist’s family.


People, Places and Piazzas, the Life & Art of Charles H. Mackie by Pat Clark, Sansom and Company, 2016


Friendly with Hornel and several other of the Glasgow Boys. Went to Brittany in 1892, spending time with Paul Serusier and his family.  In Paris the following year Serusier introduced him to Gaugin and the Nabi/symbolist fraternities, including Vuillard and Le Sidaner. Work on the Ramsay Gardens murals for Patrick Geddes done in Gatehouse in 1893 shows a strong French influence. Adopted a more conventional impressionist style after 1905. Went to Venice in 1908 with Adam Bruce Thomson. In 1900 he co-founded and was President of SSA. Close friend in later life of Harold and Laura Knight. His wife Anne Mackie’s diary is in National Library of Scotland.  His The Crofts, Kirkcudbright is illustrated in Bourne p40 (see bibliography) He first exhibited a Kirkcudbright picture, Kirkcudbright Town at the RSA 1884 His portrait of John Copland exhibited at Harbour Gallery jubillee 1982.