Artist: William James Blacklock

Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Dumfries, Crichton Royal Institution
Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:

Resident at the Crichton from 1854 till his death in 1858.



William James Blacklock exhibited works of Cumberland, Durham and Scotland. He first exhibited at the Academy of Art, Carlisle in 1833.  At the age of 20 he moved to London, where his work was soon exhibited at the Royal Academy.  In 1850 he moved back to Cumberland but due to failing health he was sent to the Crichton Institution, where he died in 1858.  It is possible that an imaginary drawing of an ‘ancient cathedral’ and a watercolour of Craigmillar Castle may be the work of Blacklock after he was admitted to the Crichton.  While his case notes indicate that he continued to draw for some time he had given up drawing completely some nine months before he died.



Image of artist by kind permission of Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery.


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