Artist: John Rankine Barclay

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Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
St Ives

Royal Institution

Exhibited At:

Royal Scottish Academy; Royal Academy (1); RSW; Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts.


A R Sturrock and other members of the Edinburgh Group established 1912.



John Rankine Barclay met A R Sturrock at Royal Institution.  Member of Edinburgh Group.


A portrait, Alec, was lent by Norman Sturrock (brother of A R Sturrock), and exhibited at Royal Scottish Academy,1921.


John Rankine Barclay was born in Edinburgh. His father was a basket maker, and in the 1901 census Barclay, at age 16 was described as an engraver’s apprentice. Before the First World War he was a member of the Edinburgh Group of artists and re-joined the group after the conflict had ended.  E A Taylor wrote approvingly of Barclay’s work at the Edinburgh group’s Edinburgh Exhibition in 1919.  Barclay was awarded a Carnegie travelling scholarship in 1922.