Artist: Richard Pococke

Date of Birth:
Date of Death:

Tours in Scotland 1747, 1750, 1760, Richard Pococke, T and A Constable, 1887.


Had a passion for travelling and visited Egypt and other Mediterranean countries between 1737 and 1742. In 1745 he was appointed Archdeacon of Dublin and made three tours of Scotland, in 1747, 1750 and a lengthy tour in 1760. Had been appointed Bishop of Ossory in 1756 and became Bishop of Meath in July 1765, a few weeks before his death. Although his Tours were not published till the 1880s (see bibliography) his manuscript, now at the British Library, was seen by Pennant. the manuscript contains several Dumfries and Galloway drawings, two of which are included on the web site.