Artist: George Wright

Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Brother of William Wright
Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:

Ednam Street, Annan.


Educated locally

Exhibited At:

Royal Glasgow Institute. South Kensington Art Gallery and Royal Scottish Academy. His work was selected for the RSA’s prestigious Jubilee Exhibition in Manchester in 1897


An exhibition Wright up your Street, celebrating the work of George Wright will take place in Annan Museum from 24 May to 17 June, 2006.  A catalogue with details of 45 works by George Wright and examples of other work by Annan artists or featuring the Annan area accompanies the exhibition.


George Wright was born in Annan, the second of three sons, and attended Annan Public School before being apprenticed to a local painter, decorator and sign writer, John Clemenson. Wright showed an early talent for landscape painting and was inspired by visits to Italy, Constantinople and Norway, but his best work is of Scotland’s hills and rivers.

He had a brief sojourn with commercialism in 1894 when his fine painting An Otter Hunt on the Annan was reproduced widely   There were rumours that the original work went to the USA.  Annan Museum (01461 201 384) would welcome any information about this work.

Following a serious arm injury became art master at Annan Academy, wher his achievments were praised by the school inspectors. A number of his works are on display in Annan Town Hall.

George Wright was born in Annan in 1851, the second son of John Wright, a nail maker in the town and his wife Margaret.  On leaving school he was apprenticed to John Clemenson a local painter, decorator and sign writer.

George Wright showed early ability as a landscape painter and in spite of his humble origins was able to travel abroad, being inspired by visits to Italy, Constantinople and the Norwegian Fjords.  Although he exhibited at the Royal Glasgow Institute and the Royal Scottish Academy he became frustrated with the RSA and would only exhibit at the Cumberland and Westmoreland Society.

George Wright’s work was much appreciated but he was unable to sell for high prices and following a bicycle accident in which he broke his arm he was unable to maintain himself on his art work alone and took up a position as Art Master at Annan Academy.  His most successful work was entitled “Otter Hunt on the Annan”.  This work was reproduced in print but sadly the whereabouts of the original is not known.  Any information regarding the work would be much appreciated.

George Wright died in 1916.  His affection for his home town has left posterity with a fine pictorial record of Annan and the surrounding area.