Artist: Dorothy Nesbitt

Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:

Castle Street, Kirkcudbright


Edinburgh College of Art


Associated with the Edinburgh Group; Lena Alexander


Tales of the Kirkcudbright Artists, Haig Gordon, Kirkcudbright, 2006

Image of the artist, Stewartry Museum


Trained at Edinburgh College of Art where she came into contact with D M Sutherland, Cecile Walton and other members of the Edinburgh Group. On staff of Edinburgh College of Art. Worked as a studio assitant to Burns. Taught at St Trinian’s School, Edinburgh and Oxenfoord Castle School, Pathhead, Midlothian. Started summer school for artists in Kirkcudbright with Lena Alexander. Member of the Town Council. Prime mover in bid to save Harbour Cottage and first secretary of Harbour Gallery Trust. Her married name was Mrs W Miles Johnston.