Artist: Alexander Nasmyth

Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:

Trustees Academy, Edinburgh (became assistant to Allan Ramsay)

Exhibited At:

Royal Academy; Royal Scottish Academy


Alexander Nasmyth 1758-1840: a man of the Scottish Renaissance, Janet Cooksey, Paul Harris, London, 1991. The Nasmyth Family of Painters, P Johnson and E Money, 1977.


Became friendly with Robert Burns whose portrait he painted in 1787. They influenced each other. Painted 4 portraits of Burns. His outspokeness and political views held him back as a portrait painter. Painted a number of views of Dalswinton and the Millar family. Sixteen Engravings from Real Scenes, supposed to be described in the Novels and Tales of the "Author of Waverley", engraved by W H Lizars, Edinburgh, 1821. His Gilnocky Tower was engraved in the Border Antiquities plate11 and Vol 2 facing p 337 of Abbotsford edition of the Waverley Novels of Sir Walter Scott. The original oil on canvas 16 by 22 in is in a private collection.