Artist: John Charles Lamont

Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:

Came to Kirkcudbright in 1928. He lived at Millfield, The Stell, Kirkcudbright


Glasgow School of Art

Professional Bodies:

ARSA 1941

Exhibited At:

Royal Scottish Academy; Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts


Archibald McGlashan, Robert Sivell, James Cowie


Royal Scottish Academy obituary 1948: "after the death of his father he settled in Kirkcudbright and married in the nineteen twenties, building himself a house near that of Robert Sivell, and his wife who was Lamont’s sister in law".

Tales of the Kirkcudbright Artists, Haig Gordon, Kirkcudbright, 2006

Image, Stewartry Museum


Friend from student days of Archibald McGlashan, Robert Sivell and James Cowie. Wounds inflicted in First World War permanently affected his health and reduced his output. Lamont married Elspeth Sayers and her sister Isobel married Robert Sivell