Kids Challenge 1
Looking closely at the artworks in this gallery, can you find this paper fan?
You can use this object to keep cool on a sunny day but this one has been placed on a shelf because it looks nice and colourful.
If you get stuck, click here.
Found it!
1. What is the name of the artist who painted this work? Tap the one that you think is correct There’s been a slip-up and your investigations have led you to the wrong artist. Quick, look again for the correct artist and choose them
This artist liked to collect things, such as paper fans, vases and other colourful objects, which were made in a country far away called Japan. These objects sometimes appear in his paintings as well.
3. What is the lady doing in the painting? Tap to select all the things that you think are true.
Think about a favourite piece of clothing that you like to wear. Chat with your family or friends that are with you in the gallery today about why your favourite piece of clothing looks different, or looks the same, as the one in the painting.
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