Are you ready to become an Art Detective?

Your challenge, Detective, should you choose to accept it, is to find 6 objects on display in the ground floor gallery, just by looking at the clue shown in each of the photographs.

The photographs show just a small part of the objects that you have to find. The objects could be paintings on the walls or things in cases.

In your role as Art Detective, you may choose to ask one of the Gallery Attendants a number of questions and they will help with your enquiries.

You can search for the 6 objects in any order and if you find them all, you will be a Kirkcudbright Galleries Art Detective!

Accept Challenge
  • 1. A painting by John Faed which is called
    The Little Seamstress

    Kids Challenge 1 Challenge 1
  • 2. A painting by Robert Sivell which is called
    Provost Robb
    © the artist’s estate

    Challenge 2
  • 3. A painting by Malcolm Mclachlan Harper
    which is called
    Interior of Burnside Cottage

    Challenge 3
  • 4. A painting by Bertram Priestman
    which is called
    Top-Sail Schooner at the Harbour
    © the artist’s estate

    Challenge 4
  • 5. A plaster plaque by Jessie Marion King
    which is called
    Cora Cuthbert

    Challenge 5
  • 6. A belt or waist buckle by Jessie Marion King which you could buy many years ago in the London department store called Liberty.

    Challenge 6