Artist: Walter Leslie Fenner

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Date of Death:
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Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:

Leslie Fenner first came to the Dumfries area on an architectural commission in the 1970s and returned on many occasions to paint both within Dumfries and across Dumfries and Galloway.


Qualified as an architect in 1951

Professional Bodies:


Exhibited At:

Exhibited in London, Devon and Dumfries.


W.L. Fenner, 1927-2007, a booklet on the life and work of Leslie Fenner was published by the Maxwelltown Gallery in 2008 to accompany a retrospective exhibition of the artist’s work.


Leslie Fenner was born and brought up in London and worked there throughout his working life as an architect.  His architectural studies, which began in the 1940s were interupted by military service and were completed in 1951.  He worked in London first for the architect George Coles and then H. Reginald Ross and Partners, where he became a partner.  On the retirement of Reginald Ross, Leslie Fenner and fellow partner Bill Sibley took over the firm, subsequently practising as Fenner and Sibley.

Leslie Fenner grew to love Dumfries and Galloway, where he made a number of lasting friendships and enjoyed a long and happy collaboration with the Maxwelltown Gallery in Dumfries.  His townscapes of Dumfries have become part of the evidence of the recent economic and social history of the town; churches and bridges were of particular interest but his work covered the whole of the area from the Colvend coast in the East to Kirkcudbright and on to Port Willaim and Portpatrick in the West.